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The Mountains We Climb

Erin Boydstun Kohler’s “The Mountains We Climb” invites readers to scale life’s peaks and navigate its valleys, guided by the powerful influence of her father.

From the treacherous cliffs of uncertainty to the breathtaking vistas of love and faith, Erin’s story is a testament to the transformative power of familial support.

As you follow Erin’s family’s adventures, you’ll discover how her earthly father’s love became a bridge to a deeper connection with her Heavenly Father. This compelling devotional memoir will ignite your own journey of faith and self-discovery, regardless of your relationship with your earthly father.

Start your climb toward spiritual growth today.

The Mountains We Climb by author Erin Kohler
Author Erin Kohler

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What others are saying

Rarely do we find a heart-to-heart devotional that touches on the tough subjects, but Erin Kohler has done a masterful job of writing from her heart to the heart of men the world round. Any man is sure to find several pieces that speak directly to him about issues he faces, struggles he battles, and questions he has.

Donna Schlachter

author of Transformation and inspirational fiction

Great voice and stories well told. A thoughtful book for readers. I found the more I read, the more I wanted to read.

Steve Watkins

Author of Pilgrim Strong and King of Highbanks Road

The Mountains We Climb is a crisp morning hike of a devotional. Erin’s vulnerability is an invitation to process the challenges of life and relationships through a faith lens…all while feeling like you got to adventure with her and her dad.

Jessie Ragain


Dear Reader,

Can you believe that I’ve been working on a series of fiction stories for over twelve years? Yes, that long! Yet my first published full-length book is a memoir-devotional mash-up with stories about my dad that took me only a few months to write. It’s amazing how love and a terminal illness can motivate a person.

Over two years ago, my dad received a terminal cancer diagnosis following prolonged health issues. Walking with him through multiple surgeries, various treatments, too many ER visits, and many challenging moments prompted me to reflect upon his life and his influence on my life.

During a rehearsal for a friend’s wedding years ago in which I served as a bridesmaid, the bride jokingly asked if we could switch dads for her special day. Her dad was an unpredictable alcoholic, and her analysis of my dad was spot on. He’s the kind of father who is steadfast and dependable.

My dad always showed up for me. He was present for every significant occasion and provided support not only to me, but also to numerous others during challenging times. He led me up beautiful peaks, strolled with me through spectacular valleys, and when it felt like the mountains were crashing down around me, he talked me off the cliff.

I can’t recall the precise moment this book concept came to me, but I firmly believe it was divine inspiration. As I witnessed my resilient father gradually succumb to cancer and transform from the stalwart pillar of our family, writing these stories became a therapeutic outlet for me.

A gift of this writing process was that it evolved into a family affair. My husband Lance read and edited my first draft. My daughter Maddie drew the mountain chapter header sketch. And my daughter Meghan assisted with ideas, editing, and created the initial book cover. Even my dog Bella pitched in by keeping me company while I wrote and reminding me when it was time to eat.

I dearly hope that this collection of stories and lessons helps you as much as it has me.

Remember that we, as fallible humans, can have a profound impact on one another even in the simplest of gestures. God’s lessons and grace are not limited to earthquakes and avalanches, but can be found in the ordinary moments of everyday life.

God bless you and may hope and healing find you wherever you are.


Author Erin Kohler